Young people hold the empathy, power, and ingenuity to solve world problems. We want to help them on their journey.


Support Solv[ED]

Solv[ED] Membership

Whether your organization is a university, college, school, youth-serving organization, foundation or business, we invite you to join the Solv[ED] Member community. Solv[ED] Membership establishes your organization as a leader in social impact education and helps you support young people in learning about and practicing social entrepreneurship and innovation. With a donation to MIT Solv[ED], Members will receive the following opportunities.

Benefits to Organizational Leadership:

  • Access to MIT and Solve Communities 
  • Network with global Solv[ED] Member faculty and staff
  • Participate as reviewers for Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge 
  • Access Innovators from Solve’s pipeline and 200+ Solver teams 
  • Attendance at flagship events: Solve at MIT and Solve Challenge Finals

Benefits to Youth:

  • Eligibility to receive micro-grant funding, in amounts of $300 and $600, to develop solutions to social, environmental, and economic challenges in their communities and the world
  • Access to programming and individualized support for micro-grant recipients, including office hours, interactive workshops, trainings and more 
  • Access to global Solveathon workshops (typically hosted during open Challenge months, September - January, annually) 
  • Attendance at annual Solve events  
  • Eligibility to receive funding and mentorship from Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge
  • Certificates of participation for youth who complete micro-grant support program and submit a solution to the Youth Innovation Challenge

Solv[ED] Sponsorship

Champion young problem solvers by committing funding and resources for participants to learn about and practice social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Sponsorship packages can include: 

  • A branded prize for the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge
  • Sponsoring Membership for a university, school, or youth-serving organization of your choice
  • Employee volunteer opportunities to review submissions and mentor young Innovators 
  • Branding: Solv[ED] event announcement, Prize, article on Solv[ED]’s website & related press releases
  • Plus all benefits of Membership, including access to Solve Flagship Events

To submit your interest in Solv[ED] membership or sponsorship, sign up here.